GoodTube Kids Newsletter: September 1, 2023 Edition
Does your tween or teen like audiobooks?

GoodTube Kids GoodTube Kids has a growing library of audio content, and this week, we are highlighting Becoming the Plagiarist from B.T. Higgins BOOKS.
Check out the first chapter of this audiobook for free and listen to the exciting adventure unfold!
Check It Out Here:

Shanda Fulbright
Check Out Episode 195 –
The world isn’t netural. Our culture is after the hearts and minds of our kids and social media is the battle ground. Parents aren’t aware of the dangers lurking behind the screen in the hands of their own kids. Chris Gonzales, a former FBI agent, does. Chris shares some of the dangers behind the screen and what parents need to be aware of in this digital age. After years in the agency, Chris left the force and launched Goodtube Kids – a platform where kids and families can grow in education and entertainment rooted in the truth.

From ScreenStrong
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Do you want to impact the next generation for Christ but find the task challenging? Do you need help navigating today’s culture for the sake of your children and students? If you’re influencing kids from 0-18 years of age, this conference is for you. Then check out there conference Sep 8-9th, in Frisco, Texas –

From Heroes Of Liberty

Heroes of Liberty got into books because they couldn’t find the books that we were raised on: entertaining, engaging, story-driven, visually stunning, and – no less crucial – full of love and admiration for the American values which made this country great.
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