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“Teaching these attributes to our children should be a daily practice, allowing them to understand who God is and how His attributes affect our everyday lives.” – Elizabeth Urbanowicz


In this episode of the Schoolhouse Rocked Podcast, Yvette Hampton welcomes Elizabeth Urbanowicz, founder of Foundation Worldview, to discuss the attributes of God. From His self-existence and self-sufficiency to His eternality and omnipresence, they explore how understanding these attributes can shape our understanding of God and our daily lives. Don’t miss this insightful conversation that will equip you to teach your children about the character of our loving and holy God.

What is OnlyFans? What Parents Need to Know.

The first time I heard of OnlyFans, I thought it was a sports app.

Spoiler alert—it’s not. And it’s really unsafe for kids.

OnlyFans is a subscription-based social media platform primarily known for its sexually explicit content.

OnlyFans launched in 2016 as a website (and now an app) where people can pay for photos, videos, or live streams created by other users. While some OnlyFans pages are used by fitness instructors, content creators, and celebrities for other purposes, 98% of all content on OnlyFans is explicit adult content. 

Awareness is the first step to helping your children avoid the risks of OnlyFans. This article discusses the dangers of OnlyFans for minors, how kids get access to OnlyFans, and what parents can do to help.

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Unleashing the Joy of Childhood: Embracing Outdoor Play in a Technology-Driven World | 263

In a world increasingly tethered to screens, are we losing sight of the simple joys and profound benefits of outdoor play? 

Join Leslie Nunnery as she delves into the transformative power of nature with Ginny Yurich, founder of 1000 Hours Outside. Ginny, a homeschooling mom and passionate advocate for outdoor play, sheds light on the profound impact that unstructured exploration and connection with the natural world have on children’s development.

Foundation World View

In this episode of the Foundation Worldview Podcast, host Elizabeth Urbanowicz tackles the controversial topic of the Harry Potter series. She explores the genre, the blurred lines between good and evil, and the importance of quality literature. Whether you’re a fan or have reservations, Elizabeth offers valuable insights and guidance on how to approach this cultural phenomenon with children. Tune in for a thoughtful discussion on the Harry Potter series and its impact on young minds.


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