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“We want everything that we do to speak of our faithfulness and our commitment to Him because He’s worthy of that.” — Meeke Addison

Meeke Addison joins Yvette Hampton to kick off the 2023 Christmas season. Together, they share heartwarming and hilarious stories about family traditions, Christmas gifting, and keeping Jesus Christ at the center of their celebrations. Listen in as they discuss the joy and challenges of parenting, the art of last-minute gift shopping, and the importance of creating memorable experiences for their children. Join Yvette and Meeke for a delightful conversation that captures the TRUE spirit of the Christmas season.

In-App Purchases: What are they?

During the early years of online shopping, many were hesitant to make purchases for fear of their credit card information being stolen. Today, making purchases online is the norm. 

From Amazon Prime to Doordash, chances are you have your credit card information saved to your phone and accounts for easy access. No longer do we have to search for our wallets, or walk all the way across the room to get a card number. 

The convenience is unmatched, but there are definitely some downsides to being a click away from a purchase. 

In the summer of 2022, a mom sounded the alarm after her 6-year-old son spent over $16,000 in Apple’s App Store. The culprit? In-app purchases. 

Read on to learn more about this feature found in many apps, and how to ensure you’re protected from the same fate.



Teasing and Tongue-Related Challenges

In this episode of the Homeschooling Families Podcast, Leslie Nunnery and Ginger, two cherished friends, reunite for an insightful and encouraging conversation. Ginger, a seasoned conference speaker and author, shares her passion for addressing common parenting struggles, particularly related to the challenges of guiding children through tongue-related offenses such as teasing, lying, and whining. Leslie and Ginger delve into the heart of the matter, exploring the impact of teasing on relationships and the biblical perspective on communication. Ginger also unveils her exciting venture into children’s books, aiming to provide fun and creative ways for kids to grasp essential concepts. Get ready for a conversation filled with wisdom, practical tips, and a touch of humor.

Foundation World View

Today’s question says, “How do I encourage strong sibling relationships? My daughter communicated that she has bitterness toward her brother, and he as a result has now started to respond in kind to her negative response to him. How can I help her to forgive him and see the good in him? What builds strong relationships?”

From Officer Gomez

This video will explain the basics of parental monitoring on your kids phones. What should you start with and what options are available in the parental monitoring software category.


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