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The Cavalcade Of America

The Cavalcade of America was a historical radio drama series that aired from 1935 to 1953. The show was sponsored by the DuPont Company and aimed to showcase pivotal moments and individuals in American history. Each episode dramatized significant events, ranging from the colonial period to contemporary times, and featured a diverse array of characters and stories that celebrated the American spirit.

“The Cavalcade of America” played a crucial role in popularizing historical storytelling through radio during its long run.  Famed historians and writers worked on the show, and the actors were many of the best from the stage, screen and radio. equivalent to the current A&E Biography channel, and History channel’s offerings.

It can be a wonderful show to listen to with grade schoolers, or the entire family gathered ’round, like in radio’s golden days.

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“Their friends are going to change over the years, but family is for life, and God designed it that way.” – Sherri Seligson

Sibling rivalry is common, but how do we as homeschooling parents guide our children to build strong and lasting relationships with each other? Yvette Hampton sits down with Sherri Seligson, homeschool mom, marine biologist, and seasoned curriculum writer, to discuss strategies for nurturing sibling bonds and managing conflicts within the homeschool environment. From the importance of group activities to the role of forgiveness, this episode is a treasure trove of insights for any parent seeking to foster unity and cooperation among siblings. Learn practical tips on tailoring discipline, understanding personality differences, and creating a family culture that honors uniqueness. Whether your children share rooms or interests, Yvette and Sherri cover the challenges and joys of guiding siblings to be each other’s keepers beyond the homeschool years.


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