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Annie Oakley

Do you have a young aspiring hero in the family? A young lady who wants to save the day?

Then check out Annie Oakley!

Stories and tall tales of legendary Wild West sharpshooter Annie Oakley. Set in the quiet Western town of Diablo, Annie and her little brother Tagg make sure that outlaws who moseyed into town kept on going.


Christ-Centered. Boy-Focused.

Trail Life USA is a Church-Based, Christ-Centered, Boy-Focused mentoring and discipleship journey that speaks to the heart of a boy. Established on timeless values derived from the Bible and set in the context of outdoor adventure, boys from Kindergarten through 12th grade are engaged in a Troop setting by male mentors where they are challenged to grow in character, understand their purpose, serve their community, and develop practical leadership skills to carry out the mission for which they were created.



Orange County, CA - Feburary 23, 24, 2024


As humanity stumbles through the darkness, we make a mess of life. We see the deterioration in every segment of society. Family. Education. Law. Politics. Art. Business. Media. Big Tech. And we even see it in the church.  

We are in desperate need of help. We need guidance. We need truth to light our path. Thankfully, God has given us the light of Scripture. 

When we recognize the Word of God as true and authoritative, God’s Spirit will illuminate the hearts and minds of believers and we will come to see the significance of God’s Word for every area of our lives. 

Only then will we begin to submit our lives to the authority of the Word

Only then will we understand the immense value of the biblical text.

Only then will our families flourish as God intended.

Only then will we see the beauty and glory of God’s truth.

We must build our confidence in the authority of God’s Word, for ourselves and for the next generation. We must show how His Word brings help, healing and hope. We must understand how God’s truth addresses our deepest needs. We must show how Scripture will light the path forward. The result? 


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