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Classic Superman Cartoons Now On GoodTube Kids!

Do you wish you children could watch the classic Superman cartoons where he always saves Metropolis and Louis Lane just in time!

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“Holiness being set apart so that we might be able to imitate God.” – Renton Rathbun

Discover the power of a biblical worldview with host Yvette Hampton and guest Renton Rathbun on this episode of the Schoolhouse Rocked Podcast. Dive into the importance of aligning ourselves with God’s Word, defending the truth, and teaching our children to love and appreciate God’s law. Learn how to navigate the challenges of secular culture, universities, and media while instilling a biblical worldview in your homeschooling journey. Tune in for insightful discussions and practical tips to equip you and your family in the pursuit of biblical truth.

Come back Wednesday and Thursday for the rest of this important conversation.

Teen Slang: Decoding Gen Z

As a parent, you’ve probably overheard some slang from your kid. They may say things like, “I’m amped about my drip today,” or, “He’s got rizz. Giving off major BDE.” Maybe they’ve said something like, “No cap, this sandwich is bussin’,” or, “Spill the tea, sis!” 

The lingo our kids use every day may be incomprehensible to us, but these words actually have meaning— some we may know, and some we can understand from the context of the conversation. 

There are also slang words spoken by our kids that as parents we can be pretty clueless about. Some of these words are made up, shortened, or said as acronyms. Some slang terms are everyday words but hold different meanings.

We’ve come up with a list of popular slang words to help parents better understand their kids and their friends. This list is not comprehensive. Our team will add more words as we collect them and slang trends emerge. 

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Online Games Addiction: How to Keep Teens Get Away From It?

It is high time for the digital parents to take quick measure when you find your child has online gaming addiction issues. When your kid overuses the gaming platform for long hours then it is the right time to turn your attention towards your child to avoid serious issues in future. The timely action at the perfect situation recovers your kid from online gaming addictions quickly. This article focusses on the effective ways to protect your kid and teen from addiction issues. As digital parents, you will get a clear picture of how to handle your child and discipline gadget behaviour with innovative techniques. No more yelling or shouting at your kid to stop the online activities instead install the right app to establish a complete control on the online moves of your child.

Discord is a communication tool teens often use while playing the games. If you find out that your kids are obsessed with this app, the following guide may can help your kids exit Discord addiction.

Beyond Lesson Plans: The Crucial Role Husbands Play in Homeschooling Hearts and Minds

What can you, as a husband, do to help homeschool your children?

Read this blog post about supporting your wife and children through homeschooling, beyond lesson planning or grading papers!

Foundation World View

Today’s question says, “I have three kids, ages five, seven, and one. My husband and I feel strongly that we want our children to have a Christian education, private school, or homeschooling. However, I don’t want the real world to hit them like a ton of bricks when they graduate high school and leave the Christian school bubble. You have given some great ideas on other podcasts about analyzing movies, shows, and music from a biblical worldview, but I was curious if you had any other age-appropriate practical ways to expose our children to the secular world as they grow without destroying their innocence?”


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