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Jake Donovan is running—running from something huge! Suddenly, he stumbles into something unexpected, a small town in the middle of nowhere! Jake discovers Discovery Mountain just as Jamey Simon arrives in town looking for her Grandad. Listen to these pilot episodes and discover Discovery Mountain and get to know the people living here right along with Jake and Jamey.


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Looking for a fresh perspective on the difficulties of parenthood? Yvette Hampton engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Abbie Halberstadt(M Is For Mama), author of Hard Is Not the Same Thing as Bad: The Perspective Shift That Could Completely Change the Way You Mother. In this episode, Abbie shares her personal struggles as a mother and how she overcame them with a shift in perspective. From dealing with toddler tantrums to finding grace amidst challenging circumstances, this episode offers practical tips, biblical wisdom, and heartfelt stories that all parents can relate to. Find inspiration, encouragement, and a renewed sense of purpose in your role as a parent.

Join us as Leslie Nunnery and Chuck Black delve into the importance of spiritual discernment in the lives of homeschooling families. Discover practical strategies for parents, insights for fathers taking on a spiritual leadership role, and how mothers can support and encourage their husbands in nurturing their children’s faith. Don’t miss this valuable conversation on equipping the next generation with spiritual discernment skills.

In this video, discover what parents must know about teens and alcohol and how they can protect their kids. Stay educated and involved in order to create a safer environment for our teens.

What’s the Deal with Suicidal Kermit?

For many parents, the word Kermit immediately brings up memories of the beloved green frog from the Muppets. Perhaps the tune of “Rainbow Connection” or even Kermit’s interactions with Miss Piggy as she shouts, “Hi Ya,” come to mind. 

But for many kids today, the word Kermit might bring a darker idea to mind.

A Kermit suicide meme has recently become popular online. It uses the word “Kermit” as a pun on the word “commit.” And when Kermit is accompanied by the word suicide, red flags immediately go up for parents and we worry about our child’s mental health.

Read more about how to deal with this disturbing association.


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