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“The best way to learn to read even adult literature properly is to notice how children’s literature matches adult literature in terms of its shape and its content and its form.” — Adam Andrews

Unlock the world of literature as Adam Andrews, Director of CenterForLit, joins Yvette Hampton for a journey through the fascinating realm of literary education. The creator of the Teaching the Classics seminar shares the tools needed for meaningful discussions about literature with children of all ages. Delve into the power of the Socratic method and discover strategies to analyze any book, from children’s stories like ‘A Bargain for Francis’ to classics like ‘Hamlet.’ Gain valuable insights into understanding the minds of authors and the importance of reading classics in homeschooling. Tune in now to ignite your literary adventure! 

Children needs to hear these words when they make a disclosure.

We also need to be mindful how we react when our child does make a disclosure. Children read our facial signs, our body language, and our tone of voice.

If I had become angry or broken down when my daughter disclosed that she had encountered a predator online two years previously, she would have shut down.

Instead, I put my arms around her, and gently asked her if she could tell me more.

 I reminded her that she was loved, that I believed her and above all, I told her I would help her and she would be recover.

 And, in time, she did. So much so that at 16 she gave me permission to go public with her story. Her response when I asked her was;

 “Mummy, you need to be my voice. You need to help parents understand how easily this can happen to their child.”

Omegle has officially announced they are shutting down. Their app has been removed from the app store, but there a plenty of similar apps that children can use to talk to strangers, don’t let your guard down!

In this episode of the Homeschooling Families podcast, host Leslie Nunnery welcomes Dana Blomberg, a homeschooling veteran of 23 years and mother of three adult children. Dana, associated with Faith Baptist Bible College, shares her passion for discipling children and laying a strong foundation for a lifelong faith journey. The conversation covers the importance of early and intentional discipleship, practical tips for training children in the ways of the Lord, and the transformative power of instilling a Biblical worldview. 


Foundation World View

Today’s question says, “I previously had the false belief that we were spirits in heaven before being conceived. I have been telling my three-year-old this whenever he asked where he was when I was a little girl. How do I correct my error with my son? How do I explain non-existence to a toddler?”

This is a newer scam that is hitting many people that are using marketplace and craigslist. It is also hitting teens pretty hard as their social media accounts are compromised. Give me your google code. Officer Gomez


It’s never been easy for kids to grow up, but it can feel especially hard in a digital world. As parents, helping out by keeping up with a constantly evolving tech landscape can be daunting. It can feel like every day brings a new slang term or TikTok trend and parents are constantly on the outside looking in. 

One term you may have come across is “embedded web browser” (sometimes referred to as an “embedded webview” or “in-app browser”). But what exactly does it mean?

This article will help demystify this term and provide insights into how embedded browsers can pose risks to children, along with some tips on how to manage these risks.


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