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Do You Know Who God Is?

Who is God? What is God like? What is God’s name? What is the Trinity? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this Bible puppet show for kids. This Puppet Show is all about who God is. Kids can learn what God has shown us about Himself in the Bible and who God is in this Sunday school lesson.

Training Resources

Join us in this episode as we dive into the world of Roblox, sleepovers, and Snapchat with invaluable insights from our friend Officer Gomez, a School Resource Officer (SRO) and sworn Deputy of the Boise County Sheriff’s Department. 

Discover what parents need to know to keep their children safe and informed in today’s digital age. From the challenges of online gaming to the issues of sleepovers and the nuances of Snapchat, Officer Gomez shares expert advice to help you navigate these crucial aspects of your child’s life. 

Omegle is a free online chat website and app that randomly pairs users to strangers for private one-on-one communication. While Omegle has an app, it can also be accessed on any device through an internet browser. No login is required.

The platform offers both text and video chat with strangers, making it more enticing (and more dangerous) for younger users.

Created in 2009, it has experienced a recent surge in popularity with numerous social media influencers posting about it. The hashtag #Omegle on TikTok currently has over 11 billion views.

This isn’t the first app of its kind—YikYak, Open, and Secret are all apps that failed to create a safe anonymous space in the past. Secret and YikYak both closed their doors, with YikYak being re-released in 2021.

Is Omegle Safe for kids?

No, Omegle is for adults the age of 18 or older and is not safe for kids or teens. Unfortunately, there are no proper age verification methods in place and no parental controls, making it easily accessible for children and teens to join. 

Check out this article from Gabb to find out more about Omegle and how to keep your kids safe online.

“It’s foolish to believe that children can adequately stand up against teachers promoting secularism and harmful ideologies. We should not sacrifice our children’s education for the sake of being ‘nice’ to our neighbors.” — Rick Green 

With so much discord and upheaval in the world, it can be easy to give into despair if we lose sight of our true source of HOPE. Like the Men of Issachar, we must understand the times and know what to do. Rick Green, founder of Patriot Academy, joins Yvette Hampton for a thought-provoking conversation as he shares strategies for families to understand and navigate the current state of our country with a Biblical, Constitutional, and Historical perspective, full of JOY and HOPE! Together, we’ll train up a generation of leaders who are ready to fight for our freedom and spread HOPE throughout their communities.


Gabb Wireless

Gabb Phone Plus is the premium phone for kids without internet, social media, or app store access. Active GPS tracking makes checking in easy, while unlimited call and text  keeps you safely connected to your child. Your kid can jam out to Gabb Music, the clean music streaming platform—and with optional, safe, parent-enabled third-party apps, it’s the phone that can grow with them.

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